Advantages of using the projector

As they have proven in professional life their great value when using projectors, they are functional in the field of school and teaching. This is where the  projectors  have become the new tool that can contribute to making the teaching-learning process more dynamic.

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Within this aspect of can mention some advantages:

  • They are used to explain or model a certain content or complex concept of teaching and / or learning.
  • The format is huge, they  display  multimedia information and interact with digital projectors.
  • It is much more effective if a complex curricular content of teaching by the teacher and hard  to learn by students is addressed  .
  • The use of a defined class methodology can make the difference of only transmitting knowledge.

So, from today you may also think to get a new projector. But you should choose a projector that is really cheaper but has good quality. Don’t just comprise with quality. My suggestion will be to choose a projector that is within your budget but has a good quality.

Disadvantages of using the projector

The disadvantages that can be had when using a projector are the following:

  • For them to work, they depend on permanent electric power. If this fails, there is no way to use them.
  • It requires a wide knowledge of the utilities and ways to manipulate each team.
  • Currently the costs of these equipment are high, but the tendency is that every day lower prices and increase quality.
  • Like all equipment that works with electric power, it requires special care, since some of them are fragile.
  • Some teams have the tendency to create addiction in their use, so it is necessary to give special talks to the students. about its proper use.

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